Join the Fly Fishing Bar's Exclusive Fly Discovery Challenge!

At theFly Fishing Bar, we're constantly scouting for the next big catch in the fly fishing world. Our mission? To delight our customers with innovative and effective flies they've never seen before.

What We're Looking For:
  • Unique, never-before-commercially-sold flies (it's okay if friends and family have tried them).
  • Your creativity and passion for fly tying.
How to Participate:
  • Share photos and stories of your fly's success in the waters.
  • If your design intrigues us and promises great catches, we might just select it.
  • We might choose only one, or maybe ten flies!

Our Esteemed Panel of Judges:
  • Haugurinn, famed creator of the internationally renowned salmon fly 'Haugurinn.'
  • Reiða Öndin, acclaimed Icelandic fly tier and artisan of fly fishing accessories.
  • Ási and Gunni Helga, Iceland's renowned fly fishing twins.
Rules & Rights:
  • Your fly should be an original, not previously sold commercially.
  • You retain complete design rights.
  • Fly Fishing Bar gains the rights to manufacture and feature selected flies for our mystery box.
 Winners Receive:
  • 50 pieces of their winning fly design.
  • A three-month subscription to our mystery box.
  • Recognition through a detailed profile in the mystery box, celebrating you and your fly creation.

Dive into this thrilling opportunity and see your fly become a staple in the fishing boxes of anglers worldwide!